Thomas Corner Restaurant

Thomas Corner, it is at the corner of Thomas Street and Gympie Terrace...

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Hub Tour is about providing the world with a focused search engine.

Returning the most relevant search results to you the users. The two search boxes across the top of the landing page are your access points to a truly dynamic search engine:


Simply click on the global search box and a drop down menu will display showing a global selection of the most popular and useful web sites. This is the place to find airlines, holiday villas, music downloads, games and much, much, more including useful business information and retail offerings. A global marketplace combined with useful reference sites.


Planning a holiday? Or live in a particular location.

Local Search will be your most useful guide to all things local. Accommodation to weddings, every business and organisation is covered. This directory is put together by local Principals who live and breathe their community, so the information provided is up to date and relevant. Click on the drop down box and follow the arrows to your place of interest.

Local information on your chosen location will be provided on the first page.

Click on the subject box for the drop down menus of all businesses slide across for a further breakdown of the category. One click and you are there!

Use keyword search. Simply type the subject of interest i.e. restaurants and a list of options will present itself select the one of interest with a single click and press GO to be directed to a comprehensive list of available choices.



Stay in touch with news and weather, both local and international, using the links at the very top of the page. Local news and weather will only be displayed if you have selected a destination via location search, so we recommend saving your location landing page as a favourite so you have fast access to your key place of interest.



Hubhunter runs great competitions frequently, so make sure you visit this page to participate.



Last but not least is MYHUB accessed by the tab found second from the right at the top of the page. MYHUB allows you to save the contact details of your favourite businesses or organisations, and create a travel itinerary within the site. Simply join by entering a username and valid email address and we will instantly send you a password.


We hope you have found this TOUR helpful; your feedback helps us progress the site, so please take the time to email us at with any comments regarding your experience so that we can continue to improve.




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Thomas Corner Restaurant

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